Book & Screen

By Carmina de Alba - United States
Talking about books and titles made into Movies and TV shows. Books include fiction and non-fiction, as well as debriefings on business and self-help books.

Gain a literary cultural varnish and keep up-to-date with newly published books and bestsellers, discover the classics and foreign titles, and learn about the authors through interviews and bios.

Episodes include: Book reviews and book summaries that extract the most relevant information. Author interviews that go beyond the written word to discover the sources of inspiration and other curious information. Conversations with script writers and film critics on regards to book adaptations for television and film. Title recommendations that won't give the end away, and a good source of literary news and trends.

Book & Screen is fast paced and easy to digest, but provides insightful information perfect for novice audiences, busy book lovers or avid readers. Follow me on twitter @carminadealba and Facebook, and visit my blog: which contains info. that compliments each podcast. Please don’t forget to spread the word.

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