Born in 1970, Miss Play learnt to play violin at Versailles's prestigious Conservatory since her very young age of 4. And thus started her very promising career into music.
Growing up, she discovered Acid House in the late eighties, followed by the Garage sounds from Detroit and Chicago. Then she obviously couldn't miss the influences of Hardhouse or Trance from Goa, along with F Com, Banzai, Twisted and Eye Q labels. As soon as 1983, her talents are recognised in most of the parisian clubs where she performs next to Luke Skywalker, Fex (Indie Walk), Arnaud le Texier, D'Juls...
No wonder, she was requested soon afterwards to perform in London, Berlin, Marrakech and Doha. From Stockholm to Johannesburg, New York and Tokyo, no club would have missed the opportunity from having Miss Play displaying her sounds to their crowds. Her fetish Label, Defected.
Nowadays, Miss Plays's sets are well known for their smooth Groovy feelings, Deep House, Afro and Organic style , and above all for the perfect care Miss Play gives to build them.

Don't miss Miss Play on her very soon new tour, could be in the city you leave. Enjoy !


Née en 1970, Miss Play commence très tôt sa carrière dans la musique en rejoignant dès l’âge de 4 ans le Conservatoire de Versailles en tant que violoniste.
Après sa rencontre avec l’Acid House dès 1988, puis la Garage de Detroit et Chicago, elle adopte les sons hardhouse et Trance Goa avec les labels F Com, Banzai, Twisted et Eye Q. Elle commence à écrémer dès 1993 la plupart des clubs de la capitale en jouant notamment avec Luke Skywalker, Fex (Indie Walk), Arnaud le Texier, D’Juls … puis en s’exportant à Londres, Berlin, Marrakech, Doha De Stockholm à Johannesburg et de New York à Tokyo. Son label fétiche, Defected.
Aujourd’hui, les sets de Miss Play sont reconnus et appréciés pour leur orientation Groovy et Deep House, Afro &Organic, et leur construction soignée.

Miss Play reprend le chemin des aéroports ^^ Enjoy !!

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