By D.J.Nevil Life - Austria, Wien, Austria
DJNevil Life was born April 6, 1984 in Lviv region g.Stry. Already being in the 6 years of age he began to love music and songs. These Imja Andrew - deytelnost began in 2004. In 2005 he moved to Austria, where he recorded his first track and drive, and still live and grow. His style of play - Trance, Dance, Techno. The main thing in his work - this is a smile and free behavior of the remote control. Do not forget about the constant communication with a dance floor. DJNevil Life is the administrator group The Best Music Dj's, DJNevil Life he writes music since 2005. Also, a modern dance on predpodavatelem Breyk Dance, Hip Hop, Electro, Dance Street, Plastic, Dance, and the creator of the currents novogogo club Crazy Dance. In 2010, DJNevil Life becomes a critic in the field of dance, film and music. In 2013, collaborating with Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto, though they are recorded as joint sets: Armin Van Buuren & DJNevil Life - The best songs of 2013 and Tiesto & DJNevil Life - The Best songs 2013. Already in 2014. DJNevil Life Works with the famous singer as Jenifer Lopez, together they recorded a set called J.Lo in 2014, as well as work with DJ Aligator, the name set Aligator 2014. DJNevil Life in 2015. already working with artists such as David Guetta, Andrew Rayel, DJ Piligrim, Astoria, Pitbull, Adrenalina, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Bel Suono, Dj Magic Finger, Mirami, LayZee, Max Barsky, Propaganda, Reflex, Infiniti, Gigi D ' Agostino, Tattoo, Paul Oakenfold, Linkin Park, In-Grid, Estiva, Artento Divini, Questia

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