House Music Never Dies By...

By Justin Demix - Belgium
Born in 1974, of Belgian father and Mauritian mother, it is at the beginning of the 90s, that its musical tastes will be marked notably for the House Music.

To his credit, more or less 25 years of radio, various experiences of djing and some appearances in public.

In 99, he decided to start production, took a long break and finally released his first Album "Escape To Paradise" in 2008 (three titles will be released as EP in 2013 thanks to the French label Expanded Records), then will follow "The New Beginning" in 2009 and some singles in 2010, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

In 2012, he became resident DJ on BEATWINUS Radio (Paris) (specialized web radio House & Soulfull) where he rubbed shoulders with the greats: Joe Negro, DJ Meme, Dj Spen, Frankie Knuckles, Nelson Grant, Quentin Harris, Jamie Lewis, Groove Assassin, Shazz, Jon Cutler, and many more from the international house scene.

Then follow a residency in Buenos Aires and Barcelona for other web radios.

September 2015, he becomes Guest Dj on Soulside Radio (Paris) (web radio counts at the end of 2018 nearly 10 000 000 of listeners), then becomes later dj, Community manager, host of the flow Club of the radio and is seen also awarded the achievement of the compilation "Club"

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