By Klangkubik - Stuttgart, Germany
Klangkubik has come a long way since his first introduction into electronic music in 2009, therefor he had enough time to develope an unique style of vinylplay along the hot clubbing 90s.

2016: Analyse Records and Illegal Digits [Beatport Top 100 Minimal atm] proudly add an outstounding indie artist with already highly supported style and sound to their family.
2017 DJTunes.com Top100 Deep House - Tracks "Fifty" and "Intoit" atm @ #89 & #90

"THIS kind of output will flip your reality into Klang´s colourful mind and soul, be prepared for this crazy special type of trip."

"Auto Reverse" EP [Illegal Digits] & "Wanna Get Intoit" are perfect sentences to describe what "Klang" is goin to do in the next years full of malformed drums, conspicious hits and amazing breaks. He finally remembers his minimal & deep techno roots...and our ears are lovin it.

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