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By Thony Ritz - Paris, France
End of the year 90, beginning of the year 2000, France manages to attract the international press thanks to a bunch of young particularly
inspired electro producers which are to release federator tubes. Inspired by house music, while drawing its roots in funk and disco music,
it gives birth to many callings : a new generation of kids who know their Cassius, their Daft Punk, and their Alan Braxe by heart.
Frenchman Thony Ritz takes history where these glorious elders left it.
Based in Vernon, as a teenager he discovers the filtered house music and the samples of this movement, and sees them as a true revelation.
Influenced by funk music, disco music and Jean Michel Jarre, he has listened to since his childhood, he produces his first pieces at the age of 10
with a binary synthetizer and records his first tracks on Amiga trying to imitate the author of Oxygene.
His beginning as a DJ in the Parisian region at the age of 18 – where he gets venues by daring to propose his services in nightclubs – confirms his instinct :
the dancefloor is his calling.
The revolution of myspace will play in his favour. Hundreds of thousands of sights will enable him to make the buzz on house music forums.
Discovered on the platform by "My Major Company", he joins the participative label which will offer him a chance.
In February 2009, he indeed reaches the 70.000 Euros thanks to 952 producers who believe in him.
He impose himself as the first electro artist produced by "MMC".
Consecration of work! After a well noticed maxi single (appropriately named “High Future”), Thony releases his first album "Night City".
Mixing the French touch’s hedonism of the first period (Crydamoure, the Knight Club) with saturated sounds of the second wave (Ed Banger, Kitsuné),
he succeeds to reconcile the popular mainstream techno beats and the more underground and aesthetic electro sounds of the 80′s.

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