The Joanna Rays selection

By Joanna Rays - France
Every other week, Joanna Rays selects several tracks among her favourites. This selection is mixed by different DJs and broadcast on more than 20 web and FM radios in France and abroad, among which Vitamine (fr), Mortal FM (Spain), Up Radio and Mixx FM (Be.), Satistation by FLOR FM, Station Millenium, Radyonne and many more...

The selection has already been mixed by Raf Marchesini, Muttonheads, Lucas Reyes, Fedo Mora, Danny Wild, Swindlers, Lemon3, Jimmy Onassis, Christian Sims, Evaa Pearl, Max Bragantini, The Nycer, JR ST Rose, Adrien Toma, Joe Mendes, Chloe Martinez, Damien N-Drix and many others.

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