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Djpod is a podcast hosting service which has always focused on high quality service, listening to its customers, and offering a range of plans where each podcaster can find the plan that matches him. In the comparative below, you will discover the plan that will put your podcast in the charts.

?CStorage space

Storage space determines the number of episodes you can get online on your podcast. More there are, the more time you can leave your old episodes online.

500 MB10 GB30 GBUnlimited

Thanks to our statistics tool, you can analyze your podcast audience in detail, and with our powerful geolocation tools, you can visualize on a map the distribution of your listeners worldwide.

Standard (number of downloads)Advanced (with geolocation)Advanced (with geolocation)Real-time (updated throughout the day)
?EDedicated section

You will be displayed in the "PRO Podcasts" section from the main menu of Djpod. An additional visiblity, what more natural for a PRO?

?SFeatured on Djpod

Your podcast featured on Djpod for a week, an outstanding visiblity! Only possible with an yearly subscription.

?mCare iTunes registration

Djpod undertakes to submit your podcast on iTunes, and sends you an e-mail with a link soon as it has been validated by iTunes.

?9Enhance online

A tool to create an illustrated and chaptered podcast for iTunes To learn more about our online chaptering tool, click here.

?NPage personalization

You can define the colors of your page, add your own background page and a banner.

?^Facebook App

With our Facebook app, whenever you add an episode to your podcast, all your social networks are instantly informed.

?qE-mail support

Our team is present every day to help you by e-mail if you encounter any problem by using our services.

Not guaranteed response timeReply within 24 hoursReply within 24 hoursReply within one hour
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Let us help you make the good choice by filling out the form below. Don't worry, we will not try to make you believe that you need the most expensive plan.

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  • Account holder: JLBIZ, 16 Rue de l'Avenir, 14650 CARPIQUET - FRANCE
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  • IBAN : FR76 3000 3040 3900 0200 2367 885

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Pay for 6 months or a year and save up to 20%

On Djpod, loyalty is rewarded: if you pay directly for 6 months, you only pay for 5 (one month free) and if you pay for 12 months, you pay only 10 (two months free)!

Example with a PRO plan:
$220.00 instead of $264.00 or $44.00 savings!

Secure payment

Our payment system by credit card is secured by Societe Generale (French Leading Bank), but we also provide PayPal. If you do not have a credit card, do not worry: you can also pay by check or bank transfer.

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Why does Djpod purpose paying plans?

Thousands of podcasters use Djpod, and to host all these podcasts, we need many servers. To manage these servers, we need competent guys, and to continue to develop more and more features on the site, we need good developers! And to provide ideal working conditions to all these guys, we need offices and computers!

Ultimately, thanks to your monthly contribution, you allow Djpod to exist and give you even more.

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