By DJ COPPOLA - Paris, France
Location : PARIS, FRANCE
Booking : +33 6 51 03 22 09
Supported by Laidback Luke, Mesto, Abel Ramos & Albert Neve, Arturo Grao, Jose AM (Maxima FM), Chris Leão & More..
More informations :

One of the most downloaded DJs with his collaborations with #Ash Simons,
Ranked every months in the TOP of the most prestigious labels remixes (Crooklyn Clan / New York),
Rank #35 TOP100 Most Famous French DJ’s.
Also referenced every day in the TOP 10 DJPOD.
Born in 1993. He his a professional DJ since 2009 and International since 2014.
Multiplying tours in such prestigious cities as Paris (France), Kemer (Turkey), Majorca, Ibiza (Balearic Islands), Marrakech (Morocco).

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